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Who Stole the Sky – Theda Tammas – LEA 6


Who Stole the Sky by Theda Tammas

Already open for visitors but official opening August 14 at 1 PM SLT, the Brazilian Theda Tammas created ‘Who Stole the Sky?’ at LEA 6. The creation is based on a song with the same title by Sainkho Namtchylak. Theda told me she adores this artist and often listens to her while working. Sainkho Namtchylak is an unusual and exceptional singer. Sainkho has a great talent in throat singing.  She mixes her traditional music from the Tuvan/Mongolian steppe with all kinds of styles. Sainkho belongs to the avant-garde music scene and could be compared with Björk  for her renewing compositions. Both artists are not fitting into any mainstream music style.

Instructions for the installation

When I entered LEA 6 to take a look I followed the instructions before taking the TP’s to the second and third level. These instructions are simple but really add to the experience.  Just use Windlight Region Settings and make sure Atmospheric Shaders and Media are ON. You will hear the title song and will be surrounded by a red atmosphere. Take the TP’s to see all 3 floors. There is a gift as well, somewhere  . .  ^^

Theda is not a Big Mac

Theda’s installations never are junk food. It means you will have to chew and taste a non-regular and non-common meal. This meal should be consumed as slow food with time for digestion. Look at it from all kinds of positions and feel the dynamics Theda created with juxtapositions and objects (some are moving and/or interactive) that to me really match very well with the song it all is based on. Don’t forget to dance at the top floor. The music is being played in loop, but instead of that being annoying or boring it brings you into a special mood that makes you curious for the objects around. The lyrics are somewhat mysterious, but certainly also make you wonder what is happening and why and how.

Personal Experience

I like Theda’s creations in Second Life. They always leave me with a feeling of intensity of life, the complexity of it as well as the beauty of it. I just have to let my mind and thoughts wander when I walk around in an environment that has no clear statement or meaning, but at the same time activates a whole series of stories in my head. This installation somehow made me think of our world being at danger due to climate issues not being handled well, which will literally take our sky away and even our horizon when we as humans fail to save ourselves and our planet.


I walked (and danced) alone, the sim was empty when I visited, and in fact I liked that very much for this installation because you can focus and feel better with no one to interfere with your mind making a series of thoughts and connections, resulting in a more powerful scenery.  Therefore I recommend to visit this installation without company, but do join the opening party if you like to personally meet and credit the creator and if you like parties :)

Additional information

Theda Tammas info: By Theda, Flickr, Second Life
Sainkho Namtchylak: Website Sainkho


Dancing at the 3d floor


Official poster (made by Theda)


Poster for Who Stole the Sky. Creator: Theda Tammas

Title song

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